Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy, Frantic Day - Updated

Today (Thursday)has been an especially frantic day. It started off with the thought of being a little bit of a hassle, but not too frantic (for me, anyways).

Kif had his neutering done on Wednesday.

Ana sent this picture of a "happy, healthy, neutered kitty" last night.

She lives about an hour away from us, so it was decided that since she had a medical conference on Thursday in Boston, she and I would meet about 15 mins. away from my home (as I live about 20 mins. away from Boston). I hesitated, as I had a doctor's appointment that morning, but as she said it would be around 6 a.m., I knew I would have plenty of time. Until she overslept. So, we did the Kif Exchange, but at 8 a.m. which meant I went right from dropping him off at home to my doctor's appointment (routine check up, a-okay!).

Then it was onto work (after a quick stop off to get breakfast, later than usual). At work I got texted by my daycare provider. My daughter fell at the Children's museum, had a gash on her head near her hairline, and many band aids were applied, but it was still bleeding. (She texted me because it was too damn loud there at the Children's Museum--yeah, I can believe that--its like a zoo there!) Since Willow seemed to be fine (she had lunch, was running around, etc.) We took the wait and see approach.

Later, after I was able to actually speak with her and our doctor, it was decided that it was okay. Crisis averted! Although later on tonight I gave her a bath and got the bandages off (not fun, cuz the band aids stick to the hair), and made sure to consult Ana (who is a Physician's Assistant) as to what she thought--Neosporin was applied and all is well.

Meanwhile, while my daycare provider was texting me, my brother was texting me that his wife was being admitted into the hospital. She has Pre-eclampsia with twins (girls). Luckily, they got her blood pressure down and they are at home....but that added to the drama of the day. (She is at 34 weeks+, so things are being monitored but every one is doing well---oh, and I get to be an Aunt real soon!!)

Home, made dinner, did the aforementioned band-aid-ectomy, helped Michael with his homework. Later, he was still doing a project that was due the next day. And he had not really worked on that much. So. He was up until 10:30. And it was math. And it was hard. And he kept asking the adults for help. And one of the adults hates math and doesn't understand it (that would be me) and the other one was trying to work from home (that would be hubs).

Oh.And the girl would not go to bed. Until 10:40 p.m. (when she was inserted into tired Michael's bed to snuggle)

Yeah, weekend, hurry the hell up already.

UPDATE: I don't know where they get it. really. how can they possibly go to bed around 10:30 p.m. and be up at 5:45 a.m.?!?!?! Um, the time change definitely has not been helpful around here...
(Oh, and Kif--he likes being home. So much that he nuzzled me and nuzzled me--at 4 a.m.!!!)


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