Saturday, November 13, 2010


I was going to read, but got caught texting. So it is close to midnight and I am texting laying sort of on the bed and sort of not. He comes and sits right on my chest. And then he nuzzles my hands and my face. I stroke his fur and rub his belly. He is annoying me, but is cute in doing so. And soon I am just fascinated at this small creature (not as small as he used to be) and how beautiful he is. I finish texting and I spend some time just looking at him and petting him. Looking into those eyes and hearing his LOUD purring. It is no wonder that they say pets can help relieve stress. I try to read a little, despite the time. He nuzzles under my chin, making it almost impossible to read. But I reposition him and the book. And I lay there at midnight, reading a book with a kitten under my chin.

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