Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday

Yay! Perfect Moment Mondays are back!!

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Morning Interruption:

Trying to get some extra sleep on the weekend. Sleepy Sunday it is not. Lying on my bed, I hear commotion downstairs, but I turn over--and my face touches the cat's face. Our fat lazy companion cat wants to snuggle. I let her sleep on husband's side and I turn over. Then onto my stomach. Just as I drift off...I hear russling behind me. And she is there, asking if she could have a juice box. And would I look at her finger, cuz there might be a boo-boo there. She has snuck away from dad. I kiss the boo-boo, tell her yes she can have the juice box (more because she will then go DOWNSTAIRS--usually I try for alternatives--or at least a "please"). I roll over onto my stomach again. And as I drift off to sleep again...he comes in. He has finished a reading assignment and has to have a parent sign off on it. And dad's handwritting is awful. And he has to have this done RIGHT NOW (cuz he is anal like that). So I sign his paper. (He says he is sorry to disturb me--oh, and can he go on the computer now?)

You might think I would have been upset with all the interruptions. I wasn't even annoyed. I just chuckled, figured I should write a post about it....and then FINALLY got my hour's extra sleep in.


Lavender Luz said...

Wait a second. Are you telling me that your son did his homework unprompted? And on a Sunday?

So jealous.

I'm glad you got both the perfection and the sleep in!

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

I'm also impressed that M did his assignment on his own. Way to go!

Glad you got the extra sleep. :-)

Kristin said...

He seriously did homework without someone standing over him and cracking the whip?!?!?!? WOW! I am so impressed.

And, I totally recognize the unnecessary interruptions.

2 extra hours of sleep sounds divine.

Steph said...

Haha! Your son is definitely on top of things! Sleeping in is the BEST, even if there are a few "perfect" interruptions.