Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Extras

Now that I am re-watching some of my very favorite television shows in the morning while I exercise, I finally have the time at last to see a lot of those DVD extras that I skimmed over when we first got the DVDs.

You know how it is—you finally get the DVDs of your favorite show, you re-watch it and maybe go through some of the extras—maybe the “making of” featurette. But you never really get to ALL the stuff.

Unless you are me and you want to make the experience last and keep your interest while trying to get yourself up early in the mornings to work out.

Before my recent kick of re-watching (mostly sci-fi) television shows, I would watch movies, etc. Its far more interesting, actually to re-watch the shows. Seeing relationships develop, remembering when which character did what.

But the commentaries and extras have been the surprise to me. Most have been stimulating and add something to the series as a whole.

The Doctor Who had the Dr. Who Confidentials and David Tennant's video diaries. Those were fun to watch, the giddiness of everyone--obviously enjoying doing the show.

Babylon 5 commentaries were very informative. Especially since JMS wrote all the episodes in Season 3. For more of a fun behind the scenes, commentary with the actors was hillarious. The making of the various aliens and their make-up was after my own heart.

For a break before I went onto Angel, I re-watched Dr. Horrible. And the extras included audition videos that people sent in to be part of the Evil League of Evil. Very creative and fun...the whole family started watching them. This one was one of my favs.

So, now I am re-watching Angel. I just watched my first commentary, and it was great to hear about how the pilot was made.

I am glad DVDs have all this extra stuff--and I am glad I actually have been making the time to watch them.

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