Bloggy Love

The wonderful Mel from Stirrup Queens is in town to be the keynote speaker at the Bay State Resolve Conference.

So a few of us Boston area bloggers (I had never met any of them before in RL) went to her hotel last night and had a wonderful time at the nearly empty hotel restaurant...we spent over 3 hours laughing, talking and generally enjoying each other's company. It seems that with each and every blogger I meet, I can sense a real rapport with them from the start. It was like we were just old friends hanging out...and I LOVED it!

It was so much fun that I barely realized the time--and was sad to have to say good bye.

Thank you Mel, for giving of yourself and your time! Thank you gals, for a great and stimulating time!


Kristin said…
Isn't Mel absolutely lovely? I'm just a little jealous that y'all got to hang out for so long.
Valerie said…
Dang,I had no idea this was going on. I guess this is what happens when you take a blogging break. Wish I could have met up with everyone.
JJ said…
Oh awesome!! I forgot that the conf was over the weekend--Im so glad you got to hug Mel--shes just the bestest. And so are you--so a win-win :) Glad you all got to get together with some other bloggers, too!
Courtney said…
Look at you and your meeting-new-bloggy-friends-all-year-long self!:-) How fun!
I couldn't believe how late it was when Rachel said the time. It felt like no time has passed at all. I loved meeting you.

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