Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Songs In My Head

My job is fairly quiet. Well, the office is fairly quiet. I work with three attorneys, who often are either quietly working in their offices or they are brainstorming (or BSing) in their offices with the doors closed. It is a small enough office that I cannot indulge in one of my past favorite activities--having a small radio/Ipod set up so I can hear music through the day. (Oh, I have a small set up, but I can only use it when they are not there--cuz its "too distracting")

I don't really mind too much--but it does mean that when it gets quiet--too quiet--my mind starts running through various songs in my head. And then. Then I am in trouble--cuz they won't Go.Away.

So here are some melodies going on lately in my head (and why).

Spongebob Campfire Song This is actually on my Ipod in my summer mix. I recently used Genius on some other song (from Juno Soundtrack) and this song was put into the mix. Jarringly so.

Go, Diego, Go! Obvious reasons, really. He is in our house every morning and every evening, whether I like it or not. Crys of "Iego! eeeagggooo!" are heard. Okay, he isn't as annoying as his cousin (DORA), and...well, he did have a show about Chinchillas (saved indefinitely on our DVR--not cuz she wants it saved, mind you.)

Mad TV Michael's been watching the new Cartoon Network Mad Magazine show...but for some reason, this tune keeps popping into my head.

Melanie by Weird Al
I have no idea why this, of all the Weird Al songs that my son plays in the car, why is THIS one sticking in my head?? I don't even like it that much!

The Freeze Ray Song from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
This is more because it randomly popped into my head. Of course, I then had to watch it again.

Add to this mixture some random Violent Femmes songs, some They Might Be Giants, soundtracks from Lion King, Joseph and the Technicolor DreamCoat and various other artists that just pop in every so often, and its musical chaos! (Yeah, I got an eclectic palette)

So on my drive home...sometimes a nice ole' Podcast of This American Life is a nice change. (Or blaring one of those Violent Femmes songs...)

So, what do you have randomly playing in your head?

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Sarah said...

Luckily I work in a lab where it is my own domain. I can play my music as loud as I want, but that still doesn't prevent Sesame Street from getting stuck in my head :)

Here from the 11/11 wishing post over at stirrup queen. Money would come in #2 to baby for me, but if baby #2 can be free, that would be really helpful for our finances :)

Kristin said...

Your taste in music is just as eclectic as mine. Lately, I've had random Squeeze songs popping up in my head. Don't know why. I mean, I like them but why are they turning into ear worms now?

DaisyGal said...

LOL...I do not put my kids music on my IPod...but I loved reading this...

we do sing "ELMO's WORLD" at random times just because...

but lately I've had Keane, The Script and Barry Manilow in my ears....:)

Miss K said...

I've had Jesus Don't Cry by Wilco in my head ALL DAY.

JJ said...

Mickey Mouse clubhouse gets stuck in my head, big time!

MrsSpock said...

So funny that I was just wondering how in God's name I have the Backyardigan's Theme in my head for the past 2 hours. Go Diego Go is often right along behind it...Torment!