Monday, December 19, 2011

Angel Chimes - Updated

I remember them very well. My Grammie would bring them out during the holidays and as I got older, she would let me help her set them up and light them. Each and every time they were lit, I would be entranced with the spinning angels and the bell chimes. I loved watching the patterns of the metal and light on the ceiling, dancing light. And then, when it was time for birthday cake--she would switch the angels out with dancing clowns with a horse on top.

I remember them and yet I have no idea why I haven't bought any until now. You would think I would have wanted to have this tradition as soon as I had my own family. But somehow I think it was HER tradition for so long...that I could not bring myself to make them mine.

This year, I felt the need for them.  I bought a cheap set--I have no idea if they will last this season.  At least they come with the clowns, so I hope to bring them out for birthdays, just as she did.

This evening, we had them burning while we ate dinner.  And Willow noticed the patterns of metal and light spinning on the ceiling.  The children sat eating their dinner and watching the patterns and listening to the chimes.

Later, after they had jostled each other for the honor of blowing out the candles, after they left the room to watch a Christmas husband and I re-lit the candles.  And I watched the angels spin.

UPDATED: For those interested in getting your own angel chimes, I found this cheap set at on-line at Miles Kimballs (Ama.zon also has them). My Grammie's set was quite well made, not sure where she got it from. The chimes are a Swedish tradition.



JW Moxie said...

Beautiful. Can you believe that I've never seen or heard of such a thing?

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the warm glow of candles and the tree lights. Where did you find the angel chimes? I think they would make a nice addition to our Christmas evenings.

Kristin said...

Please, please tell me where you found them? My parents still have their old somewhat tarnished set and I would love to get one of my own.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Sweden is sounding infinitely cooler every day :-) The twins came home with paper blue birds they made at school, which also is apparently a Swedish tree-trimming tradition.

The chimes are beautiful.