Where does the time go?!

Sometimes I think my life is one endless To-Do list. Although I think most of the time I am very good at balancing things, lately the weekends have been cram packed with things to do and I don't always feel "rested" after a weekend. Maybe its because of the holidays, maybe its because our house is starting to burst at the seams since we have been here over ten years, have two kids and have tons of stuff, maybe its because I am older...

I think we are still going through growing pains as a family. Willow is definitely a whirlwind of a toddler, definitely more so than I remember Michael being. (There again--is this perception or is this a faulty memory? Is this because I am older and have more responsibilites? Is it because I have another child that needs my attention?)

And then there are the domestic duties. While my husband is an excellent partner when it comes to parenting...his domestic teamwork is a bit lacking. Hence why we have a housekeeper come in once a week--otherwise, I would go INSANE (and I mean with big capital letters!)

Being a Type A personality, one who loves to organize things, its hard to realize that sometimes my life is just chaos.

On the other hand...

I know that I am lucky to have this chaos in my life. Sometimes I just have to make myself slow.down.

And enjoy my life.

Yes, there is still a bunch of stuff in my bedroom that has to be relocated from our recent closet re-organization. Yes, there are toys that need to be put into a box for charity. Yes, there is ALWAYS laundry. But not today.

Today, I am taking a vacation day. I am going to run some errands. But, I am also going to relax. And then, I am picking up my kids and taking them to a Holiday concert (I hear Santa is showing up). And I am going to have some fun.


When we're so caught up in the daily grind it IS hard to sit back and enjoy. I hope your day is full of fun and observation!
Quiet Dreams said…
I sent you an email about the dreidel exchange.
MrsSpock said…
As much as I hate having to do Saturday coverage every 8th weekend, I do get a weekday off to get caught up and unwind. Weekends these winter months just seem way too full.
Kristin said…
Time is continually escaping from me too!
Kimbosue said…
It is hard to enjoy the moments, especially when we're so busy and the holidays are here. Glad you took the time for the kiddos.

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