Friday, December 18, 2009

Well, today could have went better...but yet, it did get better...

An up and down day emotionally. I just realized that a week from today I am going to be 40. Just another flipping number, and frankly, most days, age means nothing to me. I don't try to hide my age, I use little make up. I dye my hair sometimes because I wanna, not because I have ta. If there was one thing I would change about myself physically, it would be my weight, and that was under control until I got pregnant, so I know I can deal with it (if I EVER get the time and energy to do so---yeah, I am looking at you Whirlwind Willow!!)

So, I am at work, thinking about the fact that I am getting older, I am missing people who are no longer here, going over the few (but major) regrets I have had in my life...starting to make myself blue.

Then I get the call every working parent hates--sick child alert. We have been lucky with Willow--she has not been sick ever (well, once or twice, but mainly minor stuffy noses, etc.--Michael was our sick all the time baby). Well, finally, it happened. Willow threw up. And not just at our daycare provider's home. Oh, no...cuz that would be convenient. No, she chucked her lunch at a play area in somewhere's ville. SO...I got the address from the provider and popped it into my navigation computer---made my hasty retreat from work.

Willow was definitely out of sorts (although her hair was static electrically charged and I could pass my hand above her hair and make it move---neat!) So, went home where she was CLINGY and irritable. No more spewage so far. Right now she is resting comfortably in bed, hopefully to be completely better in the morning (!)

My day was brightened by a wonderful package from JJ (founder of the Braces Bunch). And my day was brightened by my son helping me out (and winning a computer game and being excited about it!!!); and my neighbor helping me out by picking up my son from school. And my friend dropping by to hold Willow for a while so I could find some medicine for her (and maybe go the bathroom for a sec!) And my husband.

I guess I have no reason to complain or feel blue. I have family and friends who love me and care for me, as I do them. It's only a number after all.

JJ's Gift:

Note, Mook expertly wrapped it!! (Yes, I started to open it and then realized I wanted to take a picture of it!)

Socks I am going to wear tonight cuz my feet are freezing! I love the plaque!


Kristin said...

Isn't JJ the coolest? Wonderful present.

And, come to the dark side of 40 with me. Only the coolest of us have this much fun after 40!

Rotten said...

I have that plaque too and it means the world to me! :)

tmt5 said...

Never had a daycare kid get sick on a field trip so far, thank goodness. Poor Willow. Hope her tummy is feeling better. 40 today for me. Isn't bothering me any. Not sure why. I guess to many other things to stress about for that one to even make it on the radar. Nice present. Hope you have a good birthday.

romancing_the_stone said...

You can be sad that you are going to be 40, but let me just tell you that in many ways, you have the life I wish for! I am so happy for you. For your beauty and strength, and for your beautiful family. May 40 bring you everything you hope for. (((hugs))) Shell

MrsSpock said...

Crummy days that turn into great days are awesome. I love getting packages in the mail!Happy 40!

JJ said...

We will be thinking of you Friday! So glad it was a nice pick-me-up!

Kimbosue said...

The placque is perfect! Hope Willow is better now. (sorry just doing some blog catch up.)