Perfect Moments Monday

We are playing Beatles Rock Band (got it for Hubby for Hannukah). The Beatles mean a lot to us, especially the fact that we played and sang most of the Beatles songs for our son when he was a baby.

Moment #1: I am on drums; husband is on guitar; son is on microphone. A three piece band--with a starstruck toddler watching the screen and the accompanying commotion. As we play, I feel so much a part of a group--a family.

Moment #2: After about 3 songs, daughter is not about to just sit buy--she needs to play drums with Mommy, to the point of taking the drumsticks out of my daughter, our new member.

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Christy said…
How fun! You guys rock!
Stacie said…
Aw, what a great moment!
Lavender Luz said…
Awwww...the image of a family making music together is so wonderfully metaphorical.

Add in the Beatles and it truly is perfect!
I want to come over and watch. Or play too :-)
Twangy said…
Ooh brill! I am inspired!
I love family band and music moments.
mamabirdsblog said…
So fabulous! My husband and I don't have a musical bone between us, but our 2yr-old is showing signs of musicianship. Looks like we're going to need to steal a few notes from you!
Cibele said…
You guys rock!
Suzy said…
That's great!!!

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