Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Plan - 2010

This past year was a mess. Clear and simple. It was the year that Willow grew into a wonderfully curious but high-maintenance toddler. It was the year I got laid off, my husband had a stressful time at his work, we both ended up getting new jobs in the middle of this year, my son started his last year in grade school. We are still trying to get used to being a family of four. We are still working on methods and medications to help Michael with his ADHD. I am still trying to re-gain my exercise routines while also trying to eat/live better and healthier. (Unfortunately, the stresses of this past year has made that latter goal very slow in obtaining.)

So, Miss K had a good idea and now there is even a blog for it. And, while I am not at all into New Year's Resolutions, these are not resolutions, per say, but a Plan of Goals for 2010.

So, here is my plan. I tried to leave it vague enough to follow, open enough to add to. My goals are not to just do one or two of these items--but to try to create a more healthy (and hopefully less stressful) lifestyle.

To a new Decade!

Physical Health

  1. Lose and keep off the baby weight
  2. Take vitamins
  3. Become more active
  4. Maintain my morning exercise routine; expand it to working out of WiiFit at night for at least 15 mins.
  5. Brush and floss my teeth more often

Mental Well Being

  1. Re-start our Family Meetings – try to make them bi-weekly
  2. Simplify (Throw things AWAY)
  3. Use alone time to relax, not just to get things done
  4. Take a step back from situations that frustrate me, try to use patience.
  5. Make more of an effort to connect with people


  1. Save more, waste less
  2. Make an effort to spend more alone time with my husband
  3. Use our babysitter once a month; try to utilize other people for babysitting
  4. Complain less
  5. Enjoy what I have; quit worrying about what I do not have
  6. Scrapbook more

  1. Re-start family gaming night/afternoon (?)
  2. Cut back on the computer/video game ratio in the household
  3. Involve the kids more in food preparation


Courtney said...

love the plans & the new background

Christy said...

Your plans are fantastic, and look totally do-able. Good luck to you!

Kristin said...

I think you have a great plan!

MrsSpock said...

Keep us updated on how the WiiFit goes. I am considering getting one...

Miss K said...

I love it!! :)

Kimbosue said...

Good for you for setting goals! Here's to a promising 2010!

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