Perfect Moment Monday

Moment #1: The ADHD medication messes with his sleep patterns. Sometimes, he just can't sleep. We tell him to try to read in bed or at least rest. Tonight I hear him move around in his room. I can tell he is up. I go upstairs and he is sitting in his chair playing with Star Wars figurines--he is almost 11 years much longer do I get to see him do this? I say "You can't sleep?" "nah"; I ask him if he wants to make our annual holiday peanut butter fudge recipe (my Grammie's recipe). He perks up--and we go down and make fudge. He spills vanilla extract all over the floor; he eats more peanut butter than he puts into the skillet; he almost burns himself stirring the hot sugar mixture. And I wouldn't have missed a second of it. Afterwards he goes to bed, hopefully for the night.

Moment #2: She is growing quite fond of her brother. She wants to curl up in his bed with him as a pre-bed ritual. She likes to sit next to him when he watches television. She runs into his room first thing in the morning to wake him up. And tonight--she tried very hard, in her own inept way, to tickle him.

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Kristin said…
What wonderful moments.
Lavender Luz said…
Delenn, you are such a good mom for carpe-ing diem like this. (Or carpe-ing night, such as the case may be).

Both moments, as always, make my heart sing.
I always love your perfect moments, but this is a favorite!
Sheri said…
I am visiting from Weebles Perfect Moment Monday post.

I love the way you didn't get upset about him not being in bed asleep, but instead made it into a way to spend time with your son.

Aren't sibling relationships interesting. They can be so sweet at times.

Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moments!
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Oh, those special moments between parent and child. I look forward to things like that. And your daughter's actions towards her brother are simply sweet
MrsSpock said…
Moment #1 is one of those, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em things. I developed fibro at 15 and would have insomnia almost every night. My mom never fussed at me for being awake all night reading, and I still appreciate her for it.

I can't wait until J has a sibling, so I can witness those special sibling moments too...
Amanda said…
What wonderful moments! I'm sure he'll always remember those nights that he couldn't sleep and Mom hung out with him.

The whole sibling thing is so cute! I see it with my niece and nephew all the time.
Courtney said…
Those are some precious memories!

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