Perfect Moment Monday

Discovery - The Leaf

(After this picture, she tried to eat the leaf--perfect moments are fleeting...)

Usually, I try to mention both children on PMM...but today--its all Willow. Happy 7 months my little girl!


Lori said…
Ooooh, Willow. Thanks for giving ME a perfect moment.


And I think your advice to me is sound, Delenn.
great timing to catch that Perfect Moment.
I have a postcard with a photo on it next to the sink in my guest room. A baby about the same size is staring at the water flowing out of a tap. A caption says, 'Let the wonders begin.'
So, Willow, let the wonders begin.
Martha said…
So precious, thank you. Here from PMM.
MrsSpock said…
What a lovely photo.
Cibele said…
Sweet Willow, happy 7 months!!!!!!!

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