Monday, November 10, 2008

Perfect Moment Monday

(Children mentioned)

Moment 1:

Stopping Michael in the midst of his comings and goings this weekend (indoors and outdoors all weekend with J--his first sleepover--with the next door neighbor's kid). I asked him how he wanted the planets aligned. We are in the midst of redecorating his room. Star Wars and Outer Space themed. I had some Wallies to put up of the planets. I wanted his input as to where. I got a discussion of the various planets, which one is his favorite (besides Earth, of course) -- Saturn (my favorite too), and helpful advice on how the planets are aligned (Pluto--poor Pluto). Watching him explain to J the various planets, etc. I was struck once again how beautiful my son is.

Moment 2:

Willow likes my face. She likes my glasses. She grabs my glasses. I take them off. She grabs my nose. I beep. She smiles and giggles. She explores my lips and eyelids, my cheeks (OUCH!--I think she needs her fingernails trimmed!). She has no teeth, but loves mine. She trys to explore my teeth like she explores everything else--into her mouth! So, I got my first "kiss" from my daughter.


Lori said...

Those are both beautiful moments!

I always wanted stars and planets on my ceiling.

And I can just see Willow loving on you intently.

Cibele said...

Thanks for sharing with us these special moments... You are a great mom!!!!!