Friday, November 14, 2008

Wonders of a Hectic Life

Sometimes I am able to get through all the noise in my life and realize the many small moments that occur there.

We were up late last night—a friend was over, the kids went to bed pretty much on time, and we had some adult time and discussion—which meant the cleaning up of the dinner dishes, baby toys, cub scout uniform and badges, books and comic books (not our sons--our comic books) and other miscellany strewn about the house were put off until late in the night. While my husband and I (well, mainly I) grumbled while doing these tasks at almost midnight, I realized what a great team we make. We complete each others sentences. Which is good, because when I get flustered (quite a bit lately), my mind running at 110 mph, I stumble to get a coherent sentence out. We are a good team socially, and we had a good time with our friend. We discussed topics that we love and there are so many of them. And then while we were cleaning up the house—we talked about things large and small, and I felt the bond that I have with this human being, this man that I have known for almost 20 years. This bond that I sometimes take for granted. And when we went to bed I said “I love you.” as I always do, but I knew it was not enough.

I got up later than I wanted to and I was preparing to do my normal morning stationary bike ride. I could hear Willow slowly waking up on the monitor—babbling away—I calculated I would be able to fit in my 20 mins. Then, to my dismay—my son’s quick pounding footsteps and his struggling waddle over to our bed—Michael has brought Willow in! My disappointment at my disrupted routine started a bad mood that I guiltily regretted a second later—as Michael points out that she has said her first word!! “Hi!” (which I have been practicing with her in front of the mirror—Hi! Hello, Willow! Look at Willow! Hi!). Michael got to hear Willow’s first word. I could not have wished for a more perfect moment—Michael so excited, Willow in his arms. I smiled.

Normal routines started again—too late now for exercise—uh, ooh…too late now for showering (glad its Friday!)!! Rushing around, trying to get things ready, my son brings in his McDonald Station into my bedroom (Husband and Willow downstairs already). I sigh—I don’t have time for this…can’t he see that I am trying to get dressed and out the door? And then I see him kneel down at this little play station. I recently confided to him (after he figured out that Santa did not give him this present) that it was very hard to assemble and I struggled hard with it. This McDonald’s Station that has been sitting in his room untouched for about a year—that he is too big for, but is now kneeling down to take my order. I order—and end up paying $25 for an egg mcMuffin and coke and four piece chicken mcnugget. (“12 dollars for the egg mcMuffin” “Michael, you know I can buy 12 eggs for 3 dollars?”) I eat the pretend food.

And I have him help me put a sticker in Willow’s Baby 1st Year calendar—Her First Word. And I am late to work. I don’t mind.

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Jeffrey said...

We have that same McDonalds toy. One of the kids favorites. That thing was a pain to put together. One of our friends has it too. Her little boy would ride his toy car up to it and place an order. S and her friends still play with it some but mostly the littler ones.

Aw Willow's first word. K's first word after Mama and Dada was hungry. I don't remember S's. It is written down in the baby book but I don't even know for sure where that is. K has her mile stones on a piece of paper on the kitchen cupboard. Given my track record with S's book I figured that was the only way I was getting anything written down.

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