Seven Months

Took Willow to her Well-Visit check up today. She is 16 lbs., 26 inches. She is doing well, and the doctor was very pleased with her. Since the appointment was at the most inconvienent time, and it took 1 hour before we were even seen, and since she did get shots on all four limbs--I stayed home with her the rest of the day. Appropriate, as she turned 7 months old today. It was nice to spend some time--just me and her.

The giraffe is a baby present from Husband's work.

Comparing "hands"

Still dealing with a slight cold..

This is my favorite. After I picked Michael up (and he had his healthy snack), he had some chocolate ice cream.

Willow SO wanted some ice cream....


Cibele said…
happy 7 month sweet Willow ! you are so cute. The ice cream does look yummy, soon you will be able to have some
serenity said…
oh my - she is looking at that ice cream with such interest - it made me giggle.

Happy 7 months, Willow!!!
JJ said…
Ohhh she is just so sweet--happy 7 months little one!
Kate said…
Ha! She totally wants that ice cream!
It is so funny how in tune they are with big people food!

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