Thursday, March 22, 2012

Basket Memory

I don't even know where the basket came from.  I think I remembered when Chewy found it this weekend, but now I have forgotten.

Memory has been on my mind lately.   I am not sure if this is why this morning it struck me so deeply.

She found the basket.  I had set it aside to re-purpose (I have no idea for what).  She placed blocks in it (moving them from their proper and totally fine box).  She also put necklaces and an empty checkbox into the basket.

And the memory struck me as she pulled these items out of the basket.  The memory of a somewhat bigger basket.  Just as handcrafted and sturdy. That held toys.  That I played with at my Grammie's house.  I don't even know what the basket had been for originally (I am not even sure that my memory is correct when I say that I had plastic dinosaurs in the basket).  I just remember it was always brought out when I came over to play.

But I do know that the memory made me warm and happy.  I guess the little basket has already found its purpose. Photobucket

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Lavender Luz said...

Now that you make me think of it, baskets do tend to evoke happy memories. Easter baskets, the basket on the front of a bicycle, picnic baskets.

I always smile when I see through your eyes.