Monday, March 05, 2012

Looking Up to...

Michael's homework tonight was to brain-storm a list to help him with a long composition essay he will have to do for the state testing later this month.  The subject has to be on someone he looks up to.  He picked his dad (yeah, I do feel a little like chopped liver here...)

Michael has a great imagination, but is not always able to convert that creativity to his homework.  For homework and school work he tends to be quite literal.  So some of this list he made was quite literal...but some of this list was very is a bit of his list:

*he's very smart
*his job is being a computer engineer
*he wears glasses, has long black hair, a beard and mustache
*he's tall and strong
*knows how to fix a lot of things
*he's kind and funny
*he plays role-playing games, board games, and video games
*he went to the colleges, Michigan State and MIT
*he's from Detroit, Michigan
*his birthday is July 5th, the same as his younger brother
*has one brother and one sister
*teaches me about computers and other things
*makes pancakes on weekend mornings
*bad driver
*good navigator
*likes "Star Trek" and "Star Wars"
*favorite movie is The Godfather
*has a couple of teeth missing
*likes to take naps
*has ADHD
*likes to read a lot
*broken toes
*went to Japan when he was 16
*went to Romania last year
*beaten up, old car
*likes Bar-B-Q
*likes horror movies
*likes chili and sushi
*leaves clothes and cups all over the place
*forgets to do the dishes a lot
*can't see the color purple
*bad singer

I am really hope I get to see the finished essay...



Ana said...

Priceless! you may be HAPPY that he didn't pick you :) LOL!! sometimes things are better left unsaid :D

Cibele said...

awesome list!!!!

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