Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thirteenth Birthday

On Saturday, after the seal adventure we had a small Birthday party with friends and relatives.  We had pizza, fruit and veggies...

The star of the show (other than the Birthday Boy) were the cakes!!

Our friend Ana has made cakes for Willow:

And most recently, for me:

But she had never made a cake for her favorite "nephew".  (Mainly cuz her Birthday is 2 days later and she is usually too busy with things to be able to do so).  But this year, after my cake and how excited he was by it, she offered to make him a special cake for his birthday.  She asked him the theme he wanted--and he presented her with a CHALLENGE--3 classic monsters.  And he meant the classic Universal monsters--Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, and Wolf Man.

Ana, being the wonderful person she is--went all out and made him THREE Cakes!!  (Mind you, I had originally suggested a grave yard sheet cake with maybe some figurines of the monsters---oh, I was thinking too small!)

So, she spent HOURS on these wonderful creations (click the pictures to enlarge):

Michael LOVED them!!  He actually sat for quite a while all by himself in the kitchen, just sitting there, looking at them.  He really thought they were awesome!

When it was time to sing Happy Birthday, he sat by the cakes, reading his new Classic Monster book...

He only wanted three candles in the cakes, because he did not want to ruin them!

And then....Ana served cake!  Dracula was the victim!

It was a great cake and a great time!  I could not have asked for a better Birthday Day for my son.

(Later that night Michael and his friend made sure to cut Wolf Man in half...by the next day he was gone.  The Monster was finished yesterday morning...Michael got the last piece--Bolt and all!)


Thirteen years.  I know it is so cliche to say that the time has went by so fast.  Part of me totally feels that cliche.  Where did that time go?  I barely remember some of it, it was just a whirl--sometimes too busy with daily life, sometimes too worried about things I could not control...but here you are.  Thirteen.  And still my boy.  Always my boy.

You have been a part of our lives so long, I can barely remember when you were not a part of it.  You act like a teenager and yet there are times you slip into our bed in the early morning hours to get some snuggle time before the day begins.  Sometimes I cannot recall what you were like when you were your sister's age.  And sometimes I wish you were still that small child.  But most times...I am just so happy to be able to see you grow and change into the young man you are becoming.

I worry about the teenage years and I worry about how you will learn to live in the world that does not always understand you.  I wish you could always be protected by me.  I will do my damnedest to protect you all I can.  However, I cannot shelter you so much that I hinder you--because you were born to fly.

Happy Birthday!



Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

I can't believe you have a teenager in the house! So glad he had a good birthday.

And I love the cakes!

Valerie said...

Those cakes were totally awesome! Wow 13? How did that happen?

Ana said...

He needs no protection. He is wonderfully aware that he is different as are all of us in his life.... he knows he fits in at home and with friends and with whom matter and thankfully he's not one that seems terribly concerned with the whole fitting in thing. THAT is what I love so much about that silly boy. He is such an individual. I have LOVED watching this kid grow and mature and get awkward and find his way. He will do great things in his future.... a many great things. And the monster cakes... HE WANTED 4! BUT agreed to only 3 so that I didn't have to stick my OWN Head in the oven. :) Great kid you got there and I am PROUD to be his "aunt". I'm glad he liked the cakes... I think they were the most satisfying cakes i've made not because of the work involved but for a kid with so little to say verbally in regards to those cakes his reaction was PRICELESS and all the reward I needed. That was by far the BEST reaction I've ever had... quiet admiration and his getting a little lost in the fantasy of the cake. That is more than I could ever have asked for. LOVE YOU MICHAEL!

Kristin said...

Happy Happy Birthday Michael! Love your cakes and love your style.

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