Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Rockets and Bubbles

Yet another discouraging day of job seeking.  Another job I interviewed has been offered to another (this time internally hired--why did I bother!?!)

I decided I was just going to be in a bad mood about it.  (See, I huffed and grumbled, had some chocolate cereal and said I did not want to play with the damned stuffed animals YET AGAIN!)

Just as I decided that I was just going to be depressed and moan as I looked at the very small prospects out there, applying to nothing because there doesn't seem to be anything right now...just as I decided to just be sour all day....we played with rockets.

THESE rockets.  And it was fun.  Kif decided he would try and grab the rockets while Willow and I took turns with our rockets.  It was fun when he actually retrieved one (I swear he is part dog) and then ran downstairs with it.  Willow got that rocket back from him and we played some more, watching how high we could get them, aiming them, making a game of it.

Then I decided to play in a bubble bath with her...mainly cuz she started asking to play outside on the neighbor's swing set.  (You know, the neighbor's who have moved...that would have made me more depressed).  So we sat in a bubble bath and while I shivered she put bubbles on my hair and on my eyes (oww!) and I looked at her wonderful eyelashes.  We sang songs (mostly nonsense ones) while we used the baby soap bottle as a drum.  I am getting a cold, I had a lousy nights sleep (mainly because of her) and I am almost at square one on my job hunt again.  But shivering in the bathtub with her makes it feel better.

(And now my husband is getting me a Bi.g Ma.c  -- yeah, I roll like that too....)



Serenity said...

Ugh. I'm sorry the job hunt is so disheartening. I'm sorry you got a cruddy night's sleep and are getting a cold.

But can I say that you inspire me to find the good moments even in the midst of Suck? I really admire that about you.

And also. I was miserable this weekend with all the work drama... so I went out and got myself a McD's chocolate shake.

Sometimes it really IS the little things.

Hang in there. Your break is coming, I just know it.


Cibele said...

You have the best attitude and you write like a poet!! I hope that you can find a job soon my friend!! sending prayers and HUGS