Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random Bullet Point Post

Cuz I have too many things rolling around in my head to be comprehensive...

  • Lately Willow has been randomly singing.  I mean, just off the top of her head, nonsense songs or parts of songs, made up songs about her day.  It is so cute and so much "her".  It is amazing to see her personality start to really form each day.
  • I will have a THIRTEEN year old in the house in less than a week!  As usual, he perplexes me often and yet he is so my "little" boy too.  Since he has not told me what he wanted for a present/presents, when we went to the store this weekend I told him to pick something out.  And he picked a Pogo Stick (!) which he is playing with right now.  So unlike him.  But, his persistence with learning how to Pogo--so like him.
  • So, a lot of my plans for the next few days are based upon his birthday.  On Saturday, I am taking him and a friend to have a Seal Encounter at the aquarium.  They get to be up close and personal with some seals.  I figured it was something special and different for this birthday.
  • Also on Saturday, we will have a friend sleep over and have pizza and cake, friends and family.  No real theme, or birthday trimmings...although our friend Ana is going to make an awesome cake for him!  (Based on classic movie monsters)
  • On his actual birthday, I was thinking of taking him out for lunch and a movie, just me and him.  (He has school vacation next week)
  • End of next week we will be going to our gaming convention for a long weekend!  I am so looking forward to getting away from our everyday stuff and enjoying hanging out with geeks and gaming!
  • Friday night Chewy and I are going to have a sitter and celebrate our 21st anniversary of our first date.  Our first date we had Burger King.  I think we will do better this time.  Movie afterwards.  Not sure what one yet.  Suggestions?
  • Willow graduated to a booster seat this weekend.  It is so much smaller than the babyseat...and it has taken me some time to get used to the extra room...and the fact that she looks so much older in the new seat.  (But, thankfully, she is not banging our elbows with her feet anymore!)
  • Signed Willow up for a couple of YMCA classes on Tuesdays....a mini chef course (how to make non bake treats) and a music and movement course.  It should be fun!
  • Playing a lot of Word With Friends...kinda addicted!  If you are Fac.eB.o.ok and wanna play, look me up!


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Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

You do have a lot going on!!!

I can't believe you will have a teenager soon.

Sounds like there are some fun things in the works at your house.

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