Sunday, February 05, 2012

Music Time Machine

Another concert at another time. We sat way back and I had to bring him up to the stage area. A mosh pit of 4 year olds. Songs that were new in the air and he and I jump around to the music. I let him go and he jumps in with the other four year olds. And I watch as he enjoys the music, the people on stage.

We are here again. This time we are in the front row. His lanky body barely is contained in the seat. We watch as they take the stage. New songs are played. Old songs are played too. Now the mosh pit is mostly a dancing ring of girls right in front of us. She is reluctant to join in, even though at home she would be jumping and running around by now. I try to coax her a bit...but notice she is just watching with wonder at the players on stage(and eating popcorn).

By the end of the concert, they start to play a couple of oldies but goodies. The almost four year old coaxes her brother out to dance among the children and grown ups in front of the stage. In front of us. He is awkward and reluctant, so different from when I last saw him dance to this exact tune. But I saw that glimmer of recognition in his face and I see how he plays with her. And finally she finds her rhythm and she lets him go ahead and sit back down while she jumps with the others. (In fact we loose her for a bit--my heart thumping for a bit when we cannot find her in the throng of children jumping/dancing about).

They sing a good-bye song at the end and walk to in front of the stage. People mob them for autographs. I almost take my son and daughter up to acknowledge the time that has flown by; that at one point my son was the small boy that he noted had cool sun glasses at a small concert a long time ago and now we are bringing my daughter too. However, the crushing of people, the fact that my son is a teenager and wants to "leave already" makes me forget that small minded plan.

We leave and go have burgers at a specialty burger place--dad has a burger with bananas and peanut butter on it; she has macaroni bites that she doesn't like...and I wonder what the next concert will bring.


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