Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yesterday, as a Birthday present for Michael, we went for a Seal Encounter at the Aquarium.  I took Michael and a friend.  We spent about an hour before, enjoying the aquarium.

They saw sharks, lots of fish, turtles and petted Rays.

Then it was time for the Seals.  We went with a trainer inside the Harbor Seal exhibit and we met Chacoda ("Chuck")  and Amelia.  We had to clean off our shoes in soapy water before we entered.  Our point of view was like the seals--we could see other people looking in on us while we were inside meeting the was kind of surreal.

Our trainer was very patient with us and had us first wave to the seals.  (They waved flippers back!)  Then we held out our fists and the seals "Targeted" our fists--both seals have cataracts and cannot see as well, so we had to approach slowly at first.  I remember the female flared her nose to get a good idea who I was.  They are beautiful creatures.

We then petted them and felt their bristley-smooth fur. 

There was a professional photographer opposite us to capture these great images.   
(Click on images to make them bigger)

And then...we brushed their teeth!

Michael brushing Chuck's bottom teeth.  (His friend did the upper teeth)

We ended the Seal Encounter with a kiss...

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Kristin said...

OMG, that sounds like so much fun! Love the pictures and the smile on his face.