Monday, February 13, 2012

Wide Eyes...

Yesterday we went to see a wonderful marionette show.  (Please, click, it is worth watching!)

I find myself reliving various experiences from Michael's toddler/youth with Willow. This same exact play we saw with Michael (when he was about 6-7 I think).

It was so fun to re-experience the wonder and awe of a child--and remember with my teen.  We were right in front (which was so much better than the first time--I think we were waaay in the back then).  Willow's eyes were wide with each new character.  She did put her hands before her eyes when the giant squid appeared.

It was also fun to watch Michael re-experience this.  At first, he did not remember it.  Then, as we watched, he did remember and was enjoying watching Willow watch as I was.

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