Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Return of the Grape

Just as she went to bed, she was arranging things on the top of her bookshelves. She delightedly put things around and then gave me the tour. Of her new baby grape's living accommodations. Yes, a new grape has been "rescued".

This baby grape (a really really small grape she has found in a recent fruit offering) has started to look more like a raisin, so I am pretty sure it is the "cute cute baby" she rescued a few days ago.  That I hoped thought was lost.

The tour was a brilliant display of ingenuity.  The grape has a car that is parked down on the floor next to the bookcase.  The baby grape has a bed made of a Spongebob wash cloth.  It has a sandwich made of various small toys stacked together.  It also has a playground with a spinning wheel (a view master disc of Spongebob).  And various other amenities that she made sure to show me in great detail, while I tried to stifle my laughter (she was very serious about this).

She then kissed the baby grape good-night.  While I read a few books to her (and I presume the grape) before bed.

I wonder how I will be able to remove this grape.  Maybe it will have to move away after I start asking for rent.



AwkwardMoments said...

Hahahahah - True story! My Imaginary Friend used to get me in so much trouble. My mother packed up my imaginary friend, packed us in the car and drove my imaginary friend to the airport and told me she was moving to California and was never allowed to come back. I was about 4-6. I was devastated but some how forged on

Kristin said...

That is so freaking cute.

niobe said...


Perhaps she'd like some fake grapes?

Not as tasty, but less likely to turn into raisins.