Perfect Moment Monday

We are at her home, after picking out the kitten. She puts him into a big dog crate so he will be safe and then we debate about what to do next. Originally, we were going to go blueberry picking (my son was not too keen on it, although he has never been). Or we could go to the river with my friend's dogs. Or...and then, she has a gleem in her eyes--"How about the community pool?"

Knowing that we might go to the river, I had brought my son's swim trunks, but I am currently doing a swim class with my daughter on Saturday mornings, so of course, I forgot to pack those with us.

No problem, she says--I have spares. And she does. A swimsuit for me and a swimsuit for my daughter...and they both fit fine! And I happened to have a swim diaper in my diaper bag--whew! And she has towels, and clogs for us all too! we go to the community pool (an hour away from where I live) with my friend who I don't see as often as I wish.

And we have a blast. And it is so fun to watch her play with my children. I never have to worry about them with her and I even get a chance to swim by myself, enjoying the nice sun, the breeze, the trees and clouds. And to see her smile with my children...truly a perfect moment!

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Lavender Luz said…
Well, that certainly is a fine bunch of ingredients for a perfect moment. A friend, some family, spontaneity, and a solo swim.

Lovely pic, too!
Kristin said…
What a great moment...she sounds like a special friend.
My Reality said…
Perfect moment and a beautiful photo!
DaisyGal said…
that picture made me smile...what a great day and a great friend!!!! :)

Yeah for Perfect moments.
m said…
Is there anything better than an impromptu day at the pool? Not much. Thanks for sharing!
Sheri said…
As a mother, most of my time is fairly planned out. Without the plan, sometimes it just can't happen. does happen. And special friends have just the right things to make it happen...spontaneously.

That's when I wonder if all of my planning is an exercise in futility. Would the right things appear if I simply believed that they would?

Your moments sound absolutely Perfect.

Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moments.

--visiting from Weebles Wobblog
RobinJP said…
I love the spontaneity of this moment. Like a Super Hero, she wiped away every problem that might keep you from the pool. And voila! There you were.

Beautiful moment.
PFM said…
It's so wonderful to share your kids with a great friend. To have someone to entrust them so you can enjoy a quiet moment too.
JJ said…
Love the picture--so, so sweet. And yay for the new kitty--just sorry for the adjustment period--no chewing on the wires, kitty! :)
Love the pictures. sounds like you had a great time!
Ana said…
awe perfect for me too!! <3

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