Our newest addition!

He is an 8 week old black & white kitten. I think his name will be Kif (as in Kif Kroker from Futurama). My husband and I are advocating for this name, although Michael initially named him Inky (his shelter name was Rinky Dink).

So far, Gabrielle is going between amused and bemused--it helps that I bought some new toys for both of them . Tonight we will have Kif separated in a small room (the upstairs bathroom). (In fact, we have just set him up up there--food, water and litter--Gabby is now playing with the track ball toy in the video)

I am excited and a little intimated--we did not get Gabby as kitten (she was from the same shelter, we got her when she was a year old). And we have Todd-lor in the house--so, I might be crazy having two such creatures sharing space...but I think that so far, it looks like it will work out fine...

Here are some pictures and a video of our new pet.

Michael about 20 mins ago deciding that maybe "Kif" is a good name...

Arrival home meant that our neighbor came over to see him...

Willow playing ball with the kitty...


UPDATED: Here is a video of Kif this morning, where you can see more of his face and personality. (This is the kid-cat-worn out couch, as one can tell...)


Gabby's reaction--um, well, growls and a big hiss this her some more time to get acostumed to Kif. (Have a feeling that Kif is going to become the children's cat; Gabby has been becoming and will become more of the grown-ups cat)

Kif has eaten well--dry and wet food; has only eliminated liquid once tho...figuring that will change soon enough!, he was up most of the night playing in the upstairs bathroom with Kif. (Reminds me of myself at that age, which is when I got my kitten Licorice).


HereWeGoAJen said…
Elizabeth has now watched the video of your "tat" about a dozen times. She approves.
Vee said…
Oh he is adorable!
Enjoy him.
Kristin said…
OMGosh, I love the cutie and I love the name Kif.

PS...don't you love that new episodes of Futurama are on now?
That is the cutest kitten! It makes me want one. Congratulations on the newset addition!
I'm not a cat person, but he is adorable!!!!! I love the name Kif too. Super cute.

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