Notes from Vacation...

Just some things I want to jot down before I forget them...

Willow and flip flops--oh my. She will not wear anything else now. The damn flip flops I bought on a whim from Target--she is now addicted to them. (Wonder how we are going to get her back into regular shoes--hiding has already failed)

Love, love, love...The Lobster Pot, had forgotten about their homemade salad dressings--YUM!

Dyer Street--remember that one...

The beaches we visited each had a different flavor and I love how they went with our moods. I loved every one of them. I especially liked ending our vacation in Provincetown with the calm beach and capturing hermit crabs and other little beasties...

Such fun can be had with simple little toys in a bathtub...including the plastic spaghetti strainer in the kitchen.

So much wonderful, wonderful food--and checking the scale today--no gain!

IMAGE: Willow dancing in a sunbeam at breakfast at a restaurant.
IMAGE: Michael standing and looking out at the waves and water, contemplative.

Tom's french toast--YUM! Who can just eat one!?

Kites on the beach -- such fun! And the castle making expertise of Tom--and the destructive techniques on sandcastles of my children.

Ahhh...sunblock is such a friend--No Sunburns this time!!

Enjoyed the Oceangraphic discovery tour--found out how to sex lobsters...and then we ate some lobsters (YUM!)

Good books and magazines, DVDs and Wii games--all good for some relaxation after a nice day outdoors!

Taking 2 cars has its advantages, as Michael and I surprised dad with a B-Day cake and presents (his birthday is Monday)when we got home first.

Also nice to surprise Michael with a Weird Al Tour shirt when we got home. (which he then wore 2 days straight)


MrsSpock said…
How to sex lobsters? Were you able to tell which you were eating?
Photogrl said…
What wonderful memories...

I can't get Miss O. out of flip flops, either!

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