Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thoughts on Stages/Phases

It is a bit weird having two children with such a difference in age. Its like being in a time machine, going backwards and forwards and sometimes I forget one stage and recognize it only too late. Or sometimes I realize this is a stage that is yet to be.

Today, Michael is at a sleep over in another state (okay, its New Hampshire, which in NE no state is really that far, and frankly he is about an 45 mins away)...its the first time he has been this far away from me on his own. And, despite the fact that it is 11:30 at night and normally he would be in bed...I still miss him--miss his presence in this house. And there it is--a glimpse into the future...the teen years when he will be in and out of the house, out on his where he will not be here at all for weeks/months on end.

Today, Willow continued on her two year old rampage...putting cat food into the new water receptacle for them; defiantly saying "NO" back to me when I was telling her "NO!"; opening up my wallet and throwing all my cards around the car (not malevolently, she was playing--I was wondering why she was singing so much in the car ride home--then I found out when we got home) arguing over the clothes she was wearing--she wanted to wear something "prettier"; not taking a nap; asking every couple hours--"Where is Michael?"

And then there is potty training. That is starting up and I tend to have forgotten a lot of this from when I doing this with Michael. And all the horrible-ness of it is coming back...ah, yes, the intermittal waiting to see if she has gone. The many false callings of nature...the accidents...and I want to fast forward to the times I remember with Michael when he was four years old and so much innocent but not a Terrible Two (he was actually never a TT--I must be getting double karma on Willow!), potty trained and curious.

And then I realize that I don't have a four year old Michael anymore. And I never will. And I have traveled to the past and future...and find myself yanked back to the present....

when I realize that Willow has actually put an apple slice in my shoes....


Kristin said...

I never had a gap quite that big between kids but I've been through that time machine effect.

DaisyGal said...

well I certainly don't feel what you are..but you know what, I do feel that glimpse of "someday it won't be like this"
Savoring is a thing I am trying so hard to do lately, without losing my mind because they are 2.

When you were describing Willow all I could think was "Wow that sounds just like my kids" and I felt a lot less alone..
seems that every phase is going to bring it's own stuff, we better start embracing it soon...Right??? :)


kimbosue said...

She is a little terror! Big hugs to you!

(Blogger won't let me use my WP creds. BOO)

MrsSpock said...

We are sucking at potty training here. Can;t tell you how many times there has been poop on my floor.