Monday, September 10, 2007

Ten Things about me...

Taking a cue from Samatha, I am going to do 100 things about me...10 at a time.

1. I met my husband at a Star Trek club meeting at the University we were both going to. (That pretty much says a lot right there!)

2. I lived most of my childhood in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

3. We originally thought we would name our first pet chinchilla "Darth Vader".

4. I like to scrapbook, although haven't done much lately (hmm..been a bit pre-occupied).

5. I have an old pinball machine sitting in my living room right now. It's upside down and doesn't work. Supposedly, someone (HUSBAND) is going to move it before the holidays....

6. Speaking of holidays--I was born on one (Christmas). And no, it didn't bother me as a kid--my parents were cool with it; and no my parents didn't name me something Christmas like.

7. I love to read, as does husband and now our son. We read all sorts of things, including comic books, fiction, nonfiction, magazines, gum wrappers...

8. I love sushi and crab ragoons.

9. I lost 70lbs. last year (Now I will have to gain some back I suppose--and it kinda worries me).

10. I love hiking in nature (one of the few things my husband and I don't have in common).

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Fertilize Me said...

Late but Congrat on your BFP!!

i also wanted thank you for your comment on my blog - i just hope that i didn't insult you (or anyone) i sometimes forget that it's the internet and its hard to get acrossed what I mean at times. I TRULY am just trying to find my way and get all the crappy thoughts out of my head. I just feel tired, bitter, ashamed, guilty and it tend to come in waves. THank you for taking the time to respond to my blog ever! I appreciated it all.