Sunday, September 23, 2007

Next 10 - Restaurant Edition

I live in the Boston area, which has a wonderful variety of eateries. Below are some of the restaurants I love to go to in and around Boston:

41. Kyoto Japanese Steak House. I like to get the chicken and shrimp with fried rice. They make it in front of you with a little "show". Its cute, but the main reason I go there--its really really good food.

42. Diva Indian Bistro I like the chicken curry and mango lassi. They have a great buffet.

43. Mandarin Reading I go here once a month or so to have lunch with a friend. They have a great buffet, which includes sushi. And their crab ragoons are to die for.

44. Legal Seafoods It was one of my first seafood experiences, and it has a special place in my heart. I love their Clam Chowder and their warm chocolate pudding.

45. Bonfire Steakhouse I have only went here once (on my anniversary). But I LOVED it, and hope to go again. The Spinach Parmesan was wonderful.

46. Lobster Pot There are really great places to eat on Cape Cod, and this is one we try to go to often. Great seafood and portions.

47. Ginza I like the fact that the waitresses dress in Kimono. The sushi is wonderful!

48. Persy's Place. Boasts one of the biggest breakfast menu's in New England.

49. Papa Razzi Nice chain for Italian. I like their spaghetti bolognese.

50. McKenney's Seafood in Falmouth, MA. They have great fried seafood.


AshPash said...

Thanks for checking in at my blog...I was certainly disappointed in the outcome. Good luck with your little tadpole!

Billy said...

It's nice you have all these good resturants to enjoy from!
(here from blogger bingo)