Saturday, September 22, 2007

Next 10: 31 - 40

31. I am surprised that I actually like exercising. I hated gym in school, although I did play in a few after school sports like field hockey and soccer. I have been dealing with my weight since puberty. But, I find I like exercise and how it makes me feel more physically fit--even when I don't lose weight. The past couple months have actually been trying for me since I have tried to "take it easy". I am much happier now that I have a pregnancy exercise video and I am easing into simple exercise again.

32. I would like to visit Europe someday. I have never been outside this country--other than Canada.

33. I was a tomboy when I was a girl. I am still not very femme. If this baby is a girl, I hope that she is a tomboy...although I will cringe and buy Walt Disney's Princess stuff if that is what she wants...

34. I played in the high school Marching Band--I played clarinet.

35. I like playing video games, we have an X-Box and a Wii. I like the Wii a lot!

36. We are members of the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science and the Zoo. I love going to these places often.

37. I have thought of taking a bee keeping class. I just haven't done it because the class is about 2 hours away from our house, and usually held in February.

38. We go to gaming conventions, one in February, one in July. We play board games, role playing games, card games. I got involved with more strategy games when I was on 2 week bedrest during my last pregnancy.

39. I like taking "The Time Traveler's Wife" to read during our vacations to Cape Cod. Its become a tradition of sorts. I always say I will only read parts of it again, get sucked in, and end up finishing it while crying intensely.

40. I cry more at movies, etc. since having my son. Maybe permanent hormonal change?

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Caro said...

You should do the beekeeping thing, it's great fun. I used to keep bees with a previous boyfriend and loved it. I keep threatening to put a hive in the garden but Mr Caro isn't entirely convinced about having 1000s of fuzzy little pets.

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