Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesdays

JJ has a wonderful idea for posts on Tuesdays expressing either something that you are thankful for, something that you have witnessed that was an act of kindness or something that you have done to "pay it forward".

My husband has recently thought up something that I not only thought was thoughtful, but that I am also thankful for.

With his hours, the two kids and the general daily choas around us, we don't always get to "talk" like we used to. Sometimes we get snatches here or there, but none of the intellectual stuff (or geeky stuff) that we are used to.

So, for the past month or so, we have been doing Link Thursday. We gather up 5-6 links of articles of things we are interested in that we want to share. And then on Thursday we send those links in an email to each other. It has helped to jump start our conversations at home, or at the very least, we have shared information with each other that we find stimulating that would have otherwise been lost in the shuffle. I find myself enjoying hunting for links that I know are interesting and unusual and I look forward to seeing what links my husband sends.

We have sent each other links on Virtual Brains, Charlie Chan, Bruce Campbell, various NPR stories and comics. Sometimes they are little nothings, sometimes they begin huge discussions.

There are many ways to communicate, and I am thankful that we have started this tradition.

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Kristin said...

What a cool thing to do! I love the idea of such a small thing jump starting so much.

JJ said...

I love this--Mook and I need to get back into this too--esp. with him traveling and having limited time together. Thanks for sharing :)

Cibele said...

This is one of the things I miss so much about being married... the conversations, to share something we share together... what a beautiful marriage you have

Martha said...

This is really neat, thanks for sharing this helpful communication ice breaker. Love the header!

DaisyGal said...

what a fantastic idea..really. That's awesome.

Plus I love Bruce Campbell...and Burn Notice. :)

PaleMother said...

That is a great idea.

We do that ... but not in a focused way. And most of the time when I pass on a link, I'm sort of pessimistic that Mike will have time to read it. But usually, I'm pleasantly surprised.

And OH NPR. What would I do if I couldn't link to their site where people can actually ~listen~ to whatever it is that got you rev'ed? NPR is like happiness ... even better when shared.


MrsSpock said...

Great idea!