Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday

JJ has a wonderful idea for posts on Tuesdays expressing either something that you are thankful for, something that you have witnessed that was an act of kindness or something that you have done to "pay it forward".

I am thankful for my organizational skills. They served me well when I was in high school and college, meeting deadlines and keeping up with homework and tests. I am the type of person who loves nothing more than juggling several different jobs all at once, prioritizing them and being able to cross them off my list. Boy, I had no idea that these skills were not only PERFECT for having a family, but would be challenged and brought to new strengths through the various demands of said family.

I love technology's role in this--I just started an on-line calendar system--and I am actually excited by that (!) Yep, I am an Organizational Geek! I have excel spreadsheets for holiday gifts; I use reminders from Amazon for birthdays, etc...(and yeah, I STILL lose track of some things)

I am thankful that my skills are useful in my work environment, that often this is the major asset that I bring to the company I work for. I have whipped my current office into a much better working state that it was when I started there over a year ago. And I am proud of that.

But, I am especially thankful that because of my organizational skills, we as a family not only run pretty well (well, sometimes a bit chaotically, especially with the addition of Todd-lor, but still...our family runs), but also we often are exploring and adventuring with different activities and fun things to do and places to be. And we wouldn't be able to do as many of these things if I wasn't such an Organizational Nerd.

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Kristin said...

I wish I was a little more organized. That is an invaluable skill.

JJ said...

An awesome post--organizing is one of my MUSTS. I can be quite obsessed with it sometimes :)

Glad to know everyone in your family appreciates your status as the Organizational Nerd :)

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Staying organized with two busy kids is a must! Nothing wrong with being an Organizational Nerd!

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