King Richard's

Last Saturday we went to our traditional fall outing -- to King Richard's Faire. Usually we go in October, but I was able to get a great discount if we went either last weekend or this weekend. So, with our friend John along, we went and had a good time.

I think the person who had the best time was Willow:


Taking her this year showed me how much she has grown and how much more fun she can have when we go do things. She is "on" as it were.

Also, lately, my children are Food Pirahna's....look what they do to this Turkey Leg!!

Michael wanted to eat almost as soon as we got there, so before we even had lunch, he had pre-lunch...yes, my son is becoming a Hobbit..

Willow, of course wanted some, so Michael shared...

Whereupon she stripped it pretty bare...after having some Apple Jacks too...

Willow also got to ride the ponies--not once, but twice...

And the kids played in the kids corner of the faire.

I have video of this...she is burying her baby doll that she brought with us...saying that she is putting the baby asleep...hmmm...(it was kinda creepy cuz the baby's face was being buried with sand...

A little medieval knight in the kids corner..

We actually did not stay this year for the jousting, but there is always next year!


MrsSpock said…
The last time we went to Faire I was pregnant with J. We plan on taking him to Ohio Ren Faire in a month or so- and hopefully he'll be able to enjoy it.

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