Time Marching On

Its been taking some time for me to get back into my groove for the New Year. I think the last couple of months have been stressful and I think we are still dealing with changes in our routines/family. I have been pretty good about my exercise routines, its more about the other facets of my life--like eating right and getting enough sleep, getting things done around the house, etc. I am usually the person planning things to do on the weekends, etc. I like to be busy, I like to do fun things to enrich myself and my family. But, the last couple of months-- a lot of the weekends have been my time to collapse into exhaustion. A few Saturdays--I did not get out of the house--a few Saturdays, I did not get out of my pjs! I was just that exhausted. Unfortunately, I find that people in my family rely on me to set the standard--so, when I do not plan anything--then nothing gets done. Of course, with the holidays I did DO things--but not as many things as I usually do. And, it did not help that we had a few weekend snowstorms.

So. I am at an end to that. It does seem like late January I usually come out of my post-Holiday slump. I usually have Total Confusion to plan on, Michael's Birthday coming up, then, in April - Willow's 2nd Birthday...I love to be busy with these fun things!

Michael has been very observant of time lately. The other day, he pointed out how changed Willow is compared to our first family portrait when she was 3 months old. And he noticed how she is changing, and how time goes by so fast. Then today, he was being nostalgic about some computer games he used to have. It is so bittersweet to see my little boy grow up. It is hard to realize that time goes on, whether you are busy or slothful. Whether you will it to slow down; or wish it to hurry up. Time goes at its own pace. And all I can do, all we ever can do--is make the best of the time we have.

And remember these small moments:



MrsSpock said…
It must be the post-holiday coma. We've spent the past couple of weekends lounging and vegetating, and now are adding weekend activities to our schedule again.
Her hair is getting so long! I guess that is just another sign of time moving forward.
Kimbosue said…
awww....she is SO BIG!
Kristin said…
Oh how cute. She is so adorable bumping down the stairs.
Miss K said…
I can't believe how big she looks! Time is definitely marching on!
JJ said…
Very touching post...and time never slows down, does it?

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