Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday Laying Low

Except for Karate this morning, we did not leave the house today which is unusual for us.

Things did get done around the house. And the kids had some fun...

Michael Assembled his Star Wars Robotic Arm that we got him for Christmas:

And the hand MOVES:

(Looking at this video again, I see there is a diaper in the foreground--that is not a dirty diaper--Willow likes to take the real diapers and put them on her baby dolls--so that is just a disguarded "pretend" diaper diaper) (ahh, chaos)

Willow looked like she was going places:

Sometimes it is nice to just "hang out".


Kristin said...

We have the same Star Wars Robotic hand except our hand has a malfunction and doesn't "grab".

Kimbosue said...

Super fun Saturdays at home with mom!

MrsSpock said...

Whoa- the Roboarm is kind of freaky! J saw Willow's Elmo backpack and got really excited...