Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Plan 2010 - Log Entry: Stardate: 63478.8

(Yes, I went to this website to get the Stardate)

Last night/this morning was typical on how things can get off track. Just for the record, here is my plan again...with some updates on how I am doing so far:

Physical Health

Lose and keep off the baby weight - Have kept off the 7 lbs. I lost before holidays.

Take vitamins - been taking my Vitamin C; have resisted going out and buying new Multivitamins because I know Willow hid my new bottle I just bought at the store SOMEWHERE in the house... (hmmm...perhaps those left over Pre-Natals will do until I find them?)

Become more active - does shoveling snow count? Cuz done lots of that!

Maintain my morning exercise routine; expand it to working out of WiiFit at night for at least 15 mins. - pretty much--this will be expanded upon momentarily...

Brush and floss my teeth more often - doing good

Mental Well Being

Re-start our Family Meetings – try to make them bi-weekly - a lot of talk on that, but no meeting yet...

Simplify (Throw things AWAY)

Use alone time to relax, not just to get things done - forced to do this a bit because of snowstorm...

Take a step back from situations that frustrate me, try to use patience. - oh yeah, been working on that, prime moment--Willow throwing her food AT ME while Michael is interrupting our conversation yet again at the dinner table...

Make more of an effort to connect with people - trying but failing.


Save more, waste less

Make an effort to spend more alone time with my husband - more on that in moment...

Use our babysitter once a month; try to utilize other people for babysitting - have babysitter emergency at moment NEED someone to watch children next Tuesday...

Complain less

Enjoy what I have; quit worrying about what I do not have

Scrapbook more


Re-start family gaming night/afternoon (?)

Cut back on the computer/video game ratio in the household - doing so.

Involve the kids more in food preparation - actually did some of this during the weekend...

Okay, so how can things go off-track? Well, it started yesterday at 2 p.m. When my husband texted me that he was going to work late--meaning he was not going to be home until 9 p.m. Which meant that I was not going to have the energy/time to make the dinner I had planned. So, got home--oh, wait, before getting home, had to stop at music store and get new reeds for my son's clarinet...then got home, had to take the dishes out of the dishwasher (husband's job, not done), then put dirty dishes in--while giving Willow a sippy of milk, the cat some food, Willow a bowl of SNOW--because now she likes to EAT it...Help Michael figure out what homework he is going to do...get mail....you get the idea.

However, going with the PLAN--I resisted (very strongly) just ordering food--and I made a reduced menu--fishsticks, fries, broccoli/cauliflower and butternut squash...unfortunately, not the most low carb meal--but, hey, I did make a meal and not spend money on Chinese.

AND, after getting the children to bed, WAY after I would normally do this--I went on my Wii Cardio Boxing for 15 mins.

Going to bed WAY later than wanted to, we were awoken @ 2 a.m. with dirty diaper Willow, who then did not want to sleep...so we were taking shifts a four a.m....which meant this mornings exercise routine--not so much. ALTHOUGH, I did work out for 15 mins (while hubby AND son slept in my bed next to me!!)

So yeah. Plans/goals--pretty much ontrack considering my life!!


Kristin said...

I love that you used the star date and way to go with the goals.

Kimbosue said...

You go Delenn! Stardate is funny!

Miss K said...

Hahaha! I love the star date!

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