Friday, September 06, 2013

Notes from the first few days

Willow: "You packed me a snack, but not lunch. I had no lunch!" 

Me: (I start wondering if she had lunch--I did pay for school lunch electronically, but the payment may have not gotten in the system yet--she did not have a pin until the day before..)  "So, did you have lunch?"

Willow: "No, you did not pack it!  They made me go to the line and get food!"


Michael: "I have some documents for you to sign."

Me: "Should we go over them?"  (they were mostly signing off for guidelines of class, etc.)

Michael: "Well, lets just fill them out."  "Okay, maybe we should go through them." "Oh, and I was supposed to read a [specific] book over the summer."

So, because we went on vacation and were very pro-active with the schools about how he was going to miss Move Up day...they made sure NOT to tell us they were handing out a book that needed to be read over the summer.  [sigh]


Random - Willow had a few scrapes from the playground; Michael had trouble logging into his computer animation computer because he is the only freshman; Willow and I already had a small disagreement about what to wear; I like the commute of pick up and drop off much better!

FOUR band-aids!  (it was not too bad the next day)

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