Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moments of bliss amongst the stress...

We have been thrown into another unanticipated stressful time. This year has been a highly stressful one and again we are dealing with uncertainty financially and the stress of looking for a job and the shift of priorities when we thought we were on secure footing.

The stress levels are high and I worry about my family and what will happen in the coming months.

BUT.  There were a few things that happened this weekend that made me realize that there are things this family can and will endure...because we are strong and love each other.  The moments I wanted to write down now were ones I would have forgotten over time and I want to remember--but they are even more important to document now because I will need to hold on to them during difficult times ahead...

Moment #1:  I hear singing from an unusual source.  My son doesn't sing out loud.  Ever.  But there he is, singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Octopus's Garden on Beatles Rock Band.  Loudly and with abandon.   I love him and I love the Beatles.

Moment #2: She wanted to just cuddle.  The girl who is in perpetual motion and giggles.  She and I just sat on the couch and she snuggled me.  It reminded me of the times she was a baby and I would just hold her and breathe her in.  I wanted the moment to last and last...I ignored things that needed to be done...we are having a lazy Sunday...and she is cuddling with me.

Moment #3: We are in the car and he is sitting beside me.  I have grabbed a Beatles CD in hopes that he will enjoy it with me.  He pops the CD in, skips to some songs he wants...and I hear him singing under his breath.  I sing too, just a few bars (He usually hates me singing).  We sit in the car and he sings and I listen.  Let It Be brings me to tears as I think that this teenager just had an awful time last night feeling like he is a "freak" and could not be comforted...and yet, today we sing Let It Be and I want him to know that it will be okay.  It will be okay.

Moment #4: We are all in the house on a lazy Sunday.  She is playing quietly, he is doing homework, Chewy is playing a video game.  I fix up a picture frame and do a few household things.  We are home and while not completely happy, we are comfortable and with each other.  And I realize that this is something I am grateful for.

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Lori Lavender Luz said...

Seems like we have a lot in common these days. I wish you well finding secure footing again.

Love love LOVE the Let It Be moment. What a perfect song to soothe, to release, to connect hearts to.

You gave me a perfect moment :-)