Cell Phone Dump

When we go anywhere significant I usually use my digital camera (especially since my cell phone was having issues for a while), but every so often, my camera is not at the ready...

Swans outside a doctor's appointment.  I was alone and sat watching them for a few moments.

Outside our motel in Rockport on Labor Day Weekend...one of the few moments of blue skys.

At a restaurant waiting for lobster. 

Lately she has been a HAM.

In Rockport.

Later that day--getting wet!
Out to breakfast.

Having ice cream with her buddies from Preschool on their last day.

Yep...kids are ready for Kindergarten!  All sugared up!

Ana with a SCARY Halloween decoration!

Michael and Kif.

Willow knows the definition of "photo bomb" way to well.

This is weekend wear!

She lined up stuffed toys in her bookshelf.



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