Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PAIL Bloggers - Theme for June - Looking Back

"This June marks the one-year anniversary of PAIL. As a website, we remember what we were doing a year ago, but what about all of us as its individual readers?"

I like this theme a lot, because it is the main reason why I blog.

My memory, I have found, is not that great. Whereas my husband can recall activities and events from 5-10 years ago--I am lucky if I remember last month...

So, I use my blog as a journal. Originally, it was because I was interested in web design and programming and because most of our extended family are a long distance apart from us.

So, keeping with the Theme...I am going to look back at various Junes in my life...

Hmmm...it seems the very first June post I wrote was a praise of Sarah Vowell (who I still love!)   If you haven't read the book I reference in that post--please do.  And most of what I said in that post is still relevant as to how I am and how I live my life...(Oh, and I did send her a fan letter...)

Now, unto the specific IVF Journey, this post is before our second cycle, the one that finally brought us Willow... as you can tell in the post, a lot of things had changed...some for the better (weight loss) but some for the worse (despite the title of the post, I was really faking the hopefulness there).

What a difference a year makes...this was me trying very, very hard to deal with a newborn, PPD and, well...just everything.

But, my favorite post from that June, was this one about my Grammie.

And, the rest...well, the rest is me finding my way as a mother again...deep thoughts...and


Looking back, I can see what I was and where I was.  I can see how my children have changed and how they have changed me.  How I have learned through this blog to appreciate things in life...and how, there are times I have to be reminded of this...by looking back.

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