Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rough Day

Willow has been such a wonderful baby that I sometimes am not prepared for the bad days. This was one of them. It really started last night--she was fussy/gassy for about 2 hours last evening. Her fussy period (which I guess is fairly normal) is around 4-6 p.m.; which is, of course, one of the worst times. I am generally trying to help my son with homework, getting dinner ready, etc. and my husband doesn't usually get home until after 7 p.m.

So, I dealt with last evening fairly well and last night was a routine night (feedings in the middle of the night, actually, she skipped the 1 a.m. one---Yeah!)

Then, this morning at 9:30 a.m. (right after my husband left for work)--it started. The inconsolable crying jags. I had put her in her new swing so I could take a shower. She seemed fine. I came down to crying, figured it would be the normal situation. I would pick her up and she would be fine--WRONG. She would not stop crying. And would not stop crying. And would not stop. crying. in sheer terror. And it was a cumulative thing from the night before--I just could not take it. Finally, I put her in the swing and went outside to look at the wonderful trees and listen to the birds (I even saw a squirrel). Calmed down, I went back in and FINALLY got her calm. THEN I had to take her with me to therapy. And she cried in the car and cried in therapy. Each time I did get her calm after several attempts. Then I went to lunch with a friend--and she let me eat my lunch, until dessert--and then she cried. And then I picked up my son from school, because, of course, today of all days, I had to take him to a doctor's appointment. And, as I stood outside of his school, waiting for him...you guessed it---she CRIED. Of course, inconsolably, and while people kept coming up to me and congratulating me on my little one and saying how wonderfully cute she is, etc. AND, at the doctor's office--she was calm. In the waiting room. When it was FINALLY our time to go in (half hour late), she then cried and cried--BUT, this time, because I have had ALL DAY of this--I was able to calm her down in no time flat (our Pediatrician even remarked on this). And then we came home. AND SHE FINALLY CALMED DOWN.

And, just in time for dad to come home--she is sleeping in the swing.

AHHH....newborns can be fun!!


Delenn said...

From Dad:
My story is that she was sleeping like a little Angel when I came home :)

Neenie/PawsNY said...

oh boy oh boy lil WIllow! Shes really demanding your attention now isn't she? I'm glad you were able to calm her down but that sounds like such a tough day and kudos to you for just going outside and checking out nature! Takes a strong person to not flip out and you did good! :)

Caba said...

Oh man... just keep repeating the mantra to yourself "She won't always cry so much ... she will sleep again ... and so will I". Hugs!