Saturday, June 28, 2008

Show & Tell #4

Show and Tell

This was my bumper sticker collection on the back of my car. I took the picture because someone rear ended me and ruined it (they said they were looking at the bumper stickers--so, in a way, I guess it was my fault).

I don't usually have this need to display my personality, but for some reason, I had done so with these stickers.

Hmmm...let's can see my overwhelming opinion of Bush. And my liberal leanings are pretty apparent. The reason I had these stickers was because of how awful I felt after the 2000 election.

I also have two Buffy The Vampire Slayer related stickers. The obvious "Vampire Slayers Against Bush" (which we got a lot of great comments on). The other one is the "Stranger Things" sticker. That is from an online community that I was a part of for a while. They were more based on Angel (the spinoff of BTVS). I do occasionally check in on this site, but since the shows are done, it is not as active community. I remember good times when the community would await the next show and then we would all comment on it afterwards. That was my first experience with an internet community.

The sticker above the "Think: Its not illegal yet" sticker is my "Scrapbooking Ninja" sticker. A shout out to my scrapbooking tendencies.

And then there is the Malcolm White School Pride--my son's school (that's Malcolm the tiger mascot).


Joanna said...

I love "Think - its not illegal yet".

Thanks for sharing!

Wishing 4 One said...

Love it! i HAVE to send this to my father. He has been known to have a sticker or two regarding politics. He actually makes the stickers on his computer, has them laminated and hangs them on the back of his truck. I told him one of these days they will trash your truck, he doesn't care and continues to display his "feelings". He, like you and many more, is not happy with the current administration AT ALL. Thanks for sharing and sorry you got rear-ended.

Sam said...

Having all those stickers on the bumper seems to be an American phenomenon - I don't see nearly as many of them over here!

I love the "Think - it's not illegal yet"!!

Arian said...

That's a fun S&T! I like the Think one.

Cibele said...

Cool stickers. Good luck tomorrow , it is going to be a day of many firsts for both of us.

Kate said...

I love the "Help, Help!!" My husband and I say that to each other all the time. That, and "come and see the violence inherit in the system!"