Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Time for the New Normal to begin! Yesterday was my first day back to work, meaning that everyone in the family has to start adjusting to new routines. So far, I would say we are doing well, but it is a challenging time for all. I normally work 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Yesterday, I got in at 10 a.m.--we all slept late (mainly cuz it is understood at my work that this week is going to be a bit strange) and I breastfed Willow, helped Husband deal with both children, got the gear packed up for each one, saw the three of them (husband, son and daughter) off. Then I got to work--luckily, the traffic is light this holiday week...

The mess I expected to encounter at work was very minimal--it happened to be a slow 10 weeks! So, I had some catching up to do, but nothing too overwhelming. Which was good. Because others of our family are having trouble adjusting:

Willow is refusing bottles. Or, more precisely, she sucks at the nipple of the bottle playing at eating. But, when you take the bottle away--very little has been taken (I mean less then an OUNCE). I blame us. When she was newborn, she seemed to have no problems with the occasional bottle. So we assumed it was a-okay, and she has mainly been breastfeeding. About a week and a half ago we started trying to give her bottles, in preparation for daycare. And the Bottle Fights began. We have tried different nipples, of all sizes and shapes (thought these were working--but I guess not). We have tried breast milk, different formulas. We have tried with me out of the room, me giving her a breast and then giving her a bottle. We have tried a lot of things, but so far, nothing but my breasts will do. But, here is the wierd part--she seems to not be the worst for it. Yesterday she was a bit fussy and I did leave work early, because both the daycare provider and I were worried because she was not eating. Today, she was totally fine--save not eating out of the bottle. And when I bring her home, I breastfeed her and she is fine--and its not like she is STARVING--she does not act like she is choking it down or anything. So, at the moment, we are letting her have time to adapt--I am sure she will eat when she is hungry (at least, that is how I feel right now). My long term plan is to do like we did with Michael--breastfeed morning and evening, supplementing with expressed milk and formula during the day.

Husband is adjusting slowly to having to get two children ready in the morning. So far I have been helping (esp. since I have to breastfeed her). He is not much into time management, so this is a bit of a challenge for him. I have been trying to lay things out the night before to help, but I think he will have to get up earlier than he used to (esp. when school starts in September). (I am sure he won't be happy to hear that!)

Michael likes camp so far, but doesn't swim (he thinks the pool is too cold--which is kinda true) even though I bought him a new snorkle. He has been a bit more irritable in the mornings--mainly because he sees that we are spending more time dealing with Willow's issues, I suspect. This morning I guess he spilled some chocolate pudding while dad was showering (um...why was he eating chocolate pudding--dad needs to explain that one) and tried to clean it up on his own--without telling anyone. Dad found out when he came home to pick something up...luckily! (I can just see our cat licking up chocolate pudding and getting sick!)

I got into work at 9 today, and was able to stay til my normal time. I am still not totally there mentally--keep thinking of Willow and Michael. But it is good to get back to the old routine a bit--I worked out in the fitness room today for 20 mins. It felt good. (Even helped my neck, which hurt from sleeping on the couch with Willow last night--routines are still adjusting!)
The good news is that this is the summer--so the school/homework hustle is not adding to this major stressful time. AND--this is a short work week--the weekend is almost here!!


Cibele said...

It is so difficult to adapt to a new normal, isn't it?. Have you tried the Nuk bottle, I heard that their nipples are the best for breastfed babies. Unfortunately I did not have enough milk , so Lyla got use to bottles very early. I am sure that she is not starving and when she is really hungry she will take it. Good luck

Kate said...

We used the NUK bottles and they were good, although they do contain BPA (I didn't realize at the time). I'm glad your first day went well!

docgrumbles said...

Good luck adjusting to the new normal!

Kathy V said...

Thanks for the bottle input. I think there are just too many choices out there for nipples and bottles. Too many to choose from. I hope she starts taking a bottle for you guys soon.