Sunday, June 08, 2008

Show & Tell #1

Show and Tell

These are my water shoes. I love the beach and water. I love walking and getting water and sand in my shoes and then running into the water and feeling the cold wetness rush through my toes. Moving to New England, I have found one of my favorite places--Cape Cod. We go there every year and every year I am amazed at the beauty and serenity.

It's kinda funny, cuz I can't swim that well. And my husband doesn't like the water. And I don't like to just "sit around" and be a beach bum (i.e. I am not one for going and sitting there all day with a book or trying to tan). I like to walk along the beach or swim. Or, play with my son--burying him in sand; or making a castle that will be destroyed when the tide comes in. I like finding little creatures and looking at the water. I like exploring.

My favorite type of beach is one that doesn't have that many people on it. No people playing with frisbees, no people lying in the sun on their blankets, coolers everywhere and music playing. I like a beach with people flying kites. People playing volleyball. People walking along the beach or playing in the waves.

The nice thing about Cape Cod--there are TONS of beaches, and many types of beaches--even ones for me.

Provincetown Dunes


Valerie said...

I love the beach too. Thanks for sharing.

JJ said...

Ahhh, so peaceful. I love the beach...thanks for sharing!

Joanna said...

I love me a beach scene! Glad someone is enjoying it :)

DC said...

I love hunting for seashells on the beach!

Lauren said...

I don't get to go to the beach near as often as I'd like to. Thanks for sharing!

JuliaS said...

My mother grew up in Maine - sometimes when I was little we would go back and visit. When my dad was in Okinawa and then Vietnam, we lived there. The best part of the beach is as you say - exploring. Even on the coldest, windiest days - the beach was a great place to be. We would find so many wonderful things. My favorites were the little tide pools.

Thank you for sharing and also for jogging some nice memories for me!

Fertilized said...

I have ALways wanted to go to cape cod. I will get there one day

Baby Deux! said...

When I was younger we went to Cape Code EVERY Summer! I still love it! My sister lives in RI right by the ocean and I cannot wait to take the kids next summer. Sea Shells for EVERYONE!

Lee said...

Here via Mel's Show and Tell.

Love the beach photo. It almost feels like I'm on holiday!

anita said...

Popping by from Mel's Show and Tell.

I love the beach too and like you I'm not much of a swimmer. I'm happy to build castles and bury the kids :o)

Great photos.