Sunday, June 15, 2008

Show & Tell #2

Show and Tell

Father's Day Edition

My husband and I met during a movie night of the Star Trek club in college. He is a certified geek--he even won a Geek Pride contest (yes, if you google "fetal geek" you will neet my son). My husband is the ultimate geek father. He has made sure his son is efficient in the ways of Star Wars and Star Trek. Computer games are a premium source of father/son bonding--the serial adventures of Sam & Max are greatly anticipated.

He has no problems dressing up for his son's amusement, playing Star Wars or Spongebob or a mixture of the two--with toys and voices. He is the one who makes up games that include MSTing Curious George and making up stories with twist endings that each person has to finish. He is the one who will dip his head into the bobbing for apples, so his beard and long hair get wet--so he can shake like a dog for the merriment of the kids at the halloween party.

And now he is the one helping to change diapers and calm a newborn--again(!).

Happy Father's Day!


Sam said...

He sounds like a fabulous Dad!! I do feel sorry for those Dads that just don't seem able to play with their children.

JuliaS said...

How fun - and I love "fetal geek"!

What a nice little tribute - thanks for sharing it with us!

Alyson & Ford said...

What a fun Dad (and husband)!! Happy Father's Day!

Alyson LID 01/27/06

Jackie said...

Your husband and mine have a LOT in common! Maybe they even know each other in the internet tube machine thingy 8)

Jeffrey said...

Hi, DH likes your picture. Happy Father's Day. DH and S like to play wii together. Still no Star Trek and Star Wars for S. We plan on indoctrinating her as soon as she won't go running screaming from the She is watching Adventures of Sarah Jane and has some idea of who Doctor Who is now. No dressing up for DH except Halloween. He doesn't fit into the girls' tutus. K got her Black belt on Friday and S had her ballet recital on Saturday. DH did the dad/daughter dance with her. It was very neat seeing them on the stage together.

docgrumbles said...

Hooray for geek dads!

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