Still Thinking of You - Happy Birthday, Grammie!

Every year, June slaps me in the face...the year is half over and I cannot believe another year is racing by.  And every June, I think--ah, the 22nd...I would have normally been agonizing over something sweet to buy you for a birthday present.  (You were one of my favorite people to buy presents for--and I know you loved giving presents too!)

Yesterday and today, even though we are chaotically getting ready to go away on vacation for a week--my thoughts keep coming back to you and how I wish you were still around.

I often think of you at the strangest times--but most definitely in June and when nature is blossoming all over and the world looks so wondrous.    Your love of nature hits me and I remember to stop and think of not only you--but what you taught me as well.

Happy Birthday, Grammie.


St Elsewhere said…
Happy Birthday, Grammie! Some people go away but they never actually go away.

Hope your vacation is lovely.

I am ambivalent about June.

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