Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Only a little tearful and anxious (oh, and that was me)

I don't recall Michael being as anxious about kindergarten.  Willow is definitely more concerned.  I don't recall Michael going to kindergarten orientation.  I am sure he probably did...but I don't remember.  I know that having a second child does have the advantages that I know what to look out for--and I did look out and seek the orientation.

Today, I let her sleep in.  We got up and fussed about what she should wear...not unlike most days, but this time I was more helpful and less hurried.  I even removed her kids nail polish and put new nail polish on for her.

We dropped Michael off at his school.  We came back and I made her whatever she wanted for breakfast.  That was instant oatmeal and scrambled eggs with cheese.  And a banana.  And Curious George.

She "helped" me get dressed (she liked my shirt).  Then we went.  She was a bit nervous, and I told her I would be back (they want the parents to come back in 2 hours for a parent orientation and then we pick them up for the day).  Afterwards, I will be taking her back to her "normal" school. 

We had to stand in line to get into the school.  A lot of parents with small children who had a wide eyed look.  Once we got in, we saw a table with necklace name tags.  I had her search for hers.  A woman at the table helped put it on her, as she said "Oh, you are Michael's little sister, aren't you?"

There was a girl crying on a bench in the corner, her mom trying to console her.  And parents standing with newly "tagged" children.  And then a couple teachers and the principal started taking groups of the children.  Willow hestitated...and then the principal (new since Michael was here) says "Willow, why don't you come along with me and Ms. ____________ to see the classrooms!"

And with a tear welling up inside...I let her go.  I waved and said go have fun!!  In my most cheery voice.  I walked out and stifled the tear. 

And now it begins. P.S. She got a T-Shirt too! Photobucket

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