Monday, May 27, 2013


We had a mini-vacation to Connecticut this weekend.  Went to a couple museums that had dinosaur fossils and tracks.  The last time we went to these museums, Michael was Willow's age.  (How can that be almost ten years ago?!)

There are times when as a whole family you enjoy a vacation together and everything goes right.  And this was one of those times.  The hotel was nice, the trip was pleasant, every one had a great time.  We had time for all the things we wanted to do and more...and we capped the weekend off with a BBQ at a friend's house.

Getting ready to go to CT!


Giant Turtles!

Striking a pose!

Part of the mural.

Part of our hotel room--very roomie!

Willow relaxing.

The kids ready for bed the first night.

The next day - track casting!

Michael wrote our last name and the year before it dried.

Looking at dinosaur tracks!

Look!  Scary dinosaurs!

See, right behind me!

The finished track cast!  

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Kacey said...

Those giant turtles are cool! Willow is so funny with the scary dinosaurs!